What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Highly Recommend!

    I had a hot stone massage at Essentials Massage and Facials of Trinity and Sarah was fantastic! Hot stone is her favorite massage to do and it shows. Her technique is soothing and nurturing. I could feel her years of experience. So impressed with her and at a great value! Highly recommend!

  • Worked out the Knots!

    My massage was phenomenal. I had Cynthia and she did a wonderful job. She worked all my knots out and she was so cautious of your needs.

  • Out of this World

    Very impressed on the way they handle their clients. Tonya who is my massage therapist was out of this world. I would recommend this place to anybody. They really make you feel good.

  • Felt Like a Queen

    This place is amazing. I have been here twice and both times I have felt like a queen. Most places are so crunched for time, they just get you in and out. Here they take their time to treat your want and needs. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for these type of services.

  • Quite the Gem!

    This place is quite the gem. I have never had such good massages at such good prices. These massages are good period, regardless of the price. The place is perfectly relaxing, very clean and the staff is very professional. It smells amazing in there too. The therapists are very skilled. There is no other place I’ll go so long as I live in the area. I have a lot of experiences with massages and spas and this place is quite the surprise! Monique, one of the massage therapists, is great!

  • I just had a massage with Mieka and she was fantastic! She listened to me, assessed my body, and used her expertise and skills to help me feel so much…

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