Jenna Arnaz

Jenna is our resident Hypnotist.  She has recently completed her bachelor’s degree in holistic theology/ministry from University of Metaphysical Science; as well received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from LC Monastery in Seattle, WA; along with an Associate in Applied Science from Ohio College of Massotherapy in Akron, OH in 2005 for advance massage therapy.  Jenna was trained at UP Hypnosis Institute and is a certified hypnotherapist through IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapist). 


Jenna is a Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist through ICBCH and a Certified Stress Reduction Specialist through American School of Hypnosis


She has devoted her career to healing, which she has mainstreamed into alternative healing modalities.   Jenna involved herself with energy healing knowing there was more joy and enlightenment to come as she progressed to Reiki Master. 


Jenna Arnaz continues to progress her passion for alternative healing through energy life force and a personal journey to heal ALL one person at a time.  Her next soul journey is to complete her schooling to become a certified mindfulness stress and meditation instructor.  

Massage Therapist


Nahjee is a licensed massage therapist with one year experience, yet has always worked on his family since childhood. For him, it’s a natural ability and calling. He enhances his vibration through a vegan diet for the last 4 years and is going strong. He loves his family, and spends his leisure time in their company. Come enjoy his wonderful massage.

Massage Therapist


For deep tissue lovers we recomend Therese. She is strong with about 15 years experience she will help you! Find her in the evenings and enjoy. She has been with us 3 years now and we are so pleased to have such talent.

Massage Therapist


Jan is a nurturer and provides a lovely, relaxing massage.

Massage Therapist


Jean offers 10 years experience and has a massage that is great at releasing endorphins with a firm medium pressure. Enjoy her work late afternoons and evenings as well as Sundays. She is also a horse owner/enthusiast.

Massage Therapist & Cosmotologist


Shirley has over 15 years in massage experience. Her specialties are deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports massage and reflexology. She’s also has over 30 years as a cosmetologist. She performs European facial and microdermabrasion. Her passion is in nutrition, energy work and holistic well-being. She is a certified health coach and a licensed CNA.

Massage Therapist


Mieka is a very technical therapist who does positional release technique, not well known in this area but sooo effective with pain and movement constraints. She does great deep tissue and since arriving has embraced and conquered the relax too! She is also a mom and originally from Jamaica!

Massage Therapist


Rebecca is passionate about reducing stress and pain in every client she treats. She is known for her amazing deep tissue work. She is one of our Back Walkers, so you will see bars overhead for her to practice this East Asian art. Due to her popularity, Rebecca is a level 3 therapist. She is also a proud mom, loving wife and has a calming beautiful spirit.

Massage Therapist


Kate is passionate about using neuromuscular and trigger point therapies to help clients reach ultimate mobility and health. She is known best for her neuromuscular , myofacial release, sports, prenatal, active passive stretching with isolated stretching, and lymphatic drainage. She has over 16 years of hands on experience where she has accumulated extensive knowledge of the anatomy and specific training to allow assistance into treating the following injuries or conditions; cervical, thoracic and lumbar/strain in solving disc herniation or bulge. Migraines, tension induced headaches, whiplash, temporal-mandibular joint disorder, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, scar tissue release and experience in pre and post operation. Kate has a love of health and nutrition and is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Kate is independent and self motivated. She has a love for people and is known to be a great listener with a sympathetic ear. She loves traveling with her family and her sons and experiencing all life has to offer.

Massage Therapist


Ed is a native of Florida and has been practicing massage for over 10 years. When asked about what he is most passionate about he said “The entire healing process- from devising a plan to seeing it to fruition.” Ed is known for his focused massage work. Most of Ed’s training and certifications are on the medical side of massage. The most interesting for him was educating parents on how to bond with their newborns through positive touch and massage. Ed’s interest in the healing art sparked after he himself needed a therapist after an injury. He knew at that point, he had a calling to try and help others along their healing process.

Massage Therapist


Tonya is a Florida native, born in Hialeah, FL. Her passion is to rehabilitate people from acute & chronic injuries, to help people improve their life by reducing stress & increase flexibility with massage therapy. Tonya is a licensed Massage Therapist with 12 years of diverse experience. She specialize in medical massage, neuromuscular, deep tissue, sports massage, and reflexology. She is also an active member of the Florida State Massage Association (FSMTA) and worked for four years for their Sports Massage Team. She stays healthy and active with cardiovascular training and a structured exercise routine. Based on your personal activity, she can customize a massage therapy session to improve your flexibility, range of motion, promote relaxation, and improve your sleep.

Assistant Spa Manager


Loretta is available to help our clients with any issues, and also takes care of product ordering and general management help. If you are a client then you have probably enjoyed her friendly joyful demeanor.

Spa Manager


Rony is a mom, a caretaker for her mom and sister, as well as for our spa. She does many things ; we are all grateful for her here at Essentials. She is the mom here. Please feel free to ask for her if you need anything, she is mostly working day shifts.

Massage Therapist


Full Specialist


Jenifer’s mission is to inspire every client to achieve their personal best through her personal best. She is passionate about providing a place for growth in mind, body and soul. She has been making clients beautiful for 2 years. She is known for her luxurious manicures and pedicures with a focus on healthy beautiful nails, as well as the overall well being of your skin. Jenifer loves to soothe and pamper clients in a calm quiet spa environment. Her special training gives her an edge as she relieves everyday stresses and aches from her clients. She specializes in Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, I-Lipo Fat Reduction and MS Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Jenifer loves to celebrate inner and outer beauty, wellness, diversity and laughter in a relaxing environment. She is native to Florida and grew up in Land O’ Lakes. ” I am truly a country girl at heart. Enjoying hunting, fishing and the outdoors with my family. I add my own touch of class and sophistication because I make camo look good.” Jenifer has volunteered with the girl scouts and a weight loss coach where she saw how today’s image driven society affected so many people. “I have become passionate about helping everyone achieve their personal 10!”

Proprietor, LMT

Patricia Fields

Patricia is most passionate about massage therapy and is known for Thai, Reflexology, Emotional Release and Bodywork forms of massage. She has been a therapist for 30 years. She has traveled all the way to Thailand to study the art of Thai massage, and studied under 5 different masters. Patricia is most enthusiastic about mentoring new therapist and finding therapists with exceptional gifts.
Energy medicine is her other passion which goes hand in hand with massage. Ask her about Bemer, Emro or Enagic Kangin water and find out how and why these therapeutic energy medicines can benefit you!

Our Team

We strive for perfection by working together and sharing each other’s expertise to strengthen individual performance as well as the collective accomplishments of the group. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the highest quality services and products available.

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