Body Work

This technique is really a combination of techniques, eastern and western, energy work, Thai massage. Trigger point, neuromuscular and or reflexology etc., all aimed at accomplishing your goal; feeling balanced and pain free.  Best enjoyed as a longer massage, we offer the hour and a half or 2 (better yet 3 hours, and the 3 hour is amazing). Bathroom breaks are the norm, robe supplied. Only experienced, well versed therapists offer this. A few of us accept 5 hour sessions, which does a 2.5 hour then lunch or dinner break, then another 2.5 hour, just $299! This 5 hour massage is amazing for the massage connoisseur, and everything is worked that we normally don’t have time for, face, scalp, ears. Jaw, brows, sinuses, abdominals, ribs, every finger every toe joint. Nothing can be better than that!

90 Minutes – $101/2 Hours – $137/3 Hours – $209