For longer lasting and silkier results over shaving, select any or all of these curative services that will minimize the appearance of stubble and be gentler on your skin than a store-bought razor.

Get a smooth start to your day with our premiere waxing services.


  • UNDER ARM WAX – $30
  • HALF ARM WAX – $30
  • FULL ARM WAX – $45
  • HALF LEG WAX – $45
  • FULL LEG WAX – $65
  • CHEST OR BACK WAX – $50-$60
  • BRAZILIAN WAX – $49-$65
  • BIKINI WAX – $40
  • FULL FACE WAX – $35
  • NOSE WAX – $13
  • EYEBROW WAX – $15
  • CHIN WAX – $12
  • LIP WAX – $8


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Whether your eyebrows have changed over time, or you wish to frame your eyes in a more modern look, this pain-free process will provide a big boost by making your brows appear fuller, be better defined, and look more symmetrical.
Offering immediate impact to your appearance, you’ll love the smudge-proof and low maintenance results.

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To complement your new brows, give your face a little more pop with this eye-catching add-on. For an effect that looks like mascara, make this temporary change to your lash color to speed up your daily makeup routine.
This stylishly easy remedy generally lasts about a month.

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Put your best face forward when you combine these transformative techniques to tend both brows and lashes; a little tint goes a long way! Your eyes will speak volumes when framed by defined arches and fringes that make you camera-ready and prepared to take on the world.

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